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On-Camera Audition Course

THE AUDITION is our 4-week intensive course to get you prepared and comfortable with auditioning. 


Twice a week, over the course of 4 weeks, actors will cover :


  • On-Camera Movements

  • Tools to develop characters and creating their history

  • Developing your own audition prep technique

  • How to intuitively tap into characters and give an authentic performance

  • How to take direction and feedback ​

  • Owning the room 

  • Do's and Don'ts in the casting room

  • Self- taping tips





Week One  - Week Three : 

  • Understanding show tones (Comedy and Drama)

  • Being comfortable in front of the camera

  • On-Camera Movements and Understanding Eye lines

  • Speaking with the eyes and Active Listening 

  • Active engagement during performances 

  • Cold Read On-Camera Auditions


Week Four :


  • Character Development

  • Humanizing the character

  • Building a historical timeline

  • Connecting emotionally to a character

  • Emotions on screen

  • Mock On-Camera Audition (Drama)



Week Five :


  • How to self tape

  • Stand out in the slate

  • Lighting & Sound for self taping  

  • Do's and Don'ts when submitting self tapes

  • How to properly edit self tapes

  • Mock Self Tape Auditions.


 Week Six :


The Audition 


On-Camera Audition and full review of the course.  




Actors will be working on-camera for the duration of this course. 



This course will empower you to not only develop characters that you love but give you the confidence to make lasting connections with casting directors, teach you how to book the room and perform in front of the lense.   






Instructed by Brittany S. Hall 
Upcoming Session:
Every Wednesday Night 
February 5th - February 26th 
$235 per person
Email Admin@ActorsPlayLA.com to register