6 Week Intensive Pilot Season Prep 

As you all know Pilot season is quickly approaching and it is important that we all are prepared for every possible opportunity that will come. 


This will be a focused curriculum week by week on :


  • Work ethic 

  • Building the character 

  • Script analysis, 

  • Choices

  • Stage presence

  • Entering an audition & Confidence (on camera)

  • Booking the room

  • Developing connections w/ Casting Directors


Pilot Season Prep is an extensive hands-on learning experience aimed to help actors receive the best coaching and feedback needed to grow and succeed in the audition room.


Our confidence that you will enjoy and appreciate our new

course which blends the familiar with something fresh.

Without a doubt, this energy will help reinvigorate your experience in the audition room and get you ready for the busy season ahead!

Dates : To be Announced  
$300 per person
Email Admin@ActorsPlayLA.com to register 

905 Cole Ave Los Angeles CA 90038

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