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Fundamentals of Acting  

Our Fundamentals of Acting course covers the foundation of what we teach at APLA instructed by Carnetta Jones. This 4-week intensive not only covers the foundations of acting but also teaches actors how to create characters from your head to your heart. 



"All in your feelings"

Exploration of personal triggers, impulses, and needs in order to create characters through sensory and imagination emotional prep exercises.

  • Personalization

  • Sensory

  • Emotional timeline

  • Defining moments

  • Inner works

  • Heart triggers

  • Types of emotions

  •  Mirrors

  • Needs

Enter class with choice of emotions.


"All in your head"


The brain, the info conduit to the heart 
Breaking down sides and monologues 
Improv, doings and feelings, and emotional chairs exercises
Covering how to memorize lines. 


"All in your imagination"


The ego...and the skin
View your imagination 
Use given monologue...to create:

  • Character bio

  • Background

  • What happened that led up to the moment of the monologue

  • What happened the day before the moment

  •  What happens the day after

  • Character aesthetic

  • Character dance

  • Private character moments


"All In"


The legs... stand and free fall 
The Monologue (given out during the second week)
Mock audition 


Understanding the foundation of acting is the key to having a successful career. We have the confidence that the wisdom, confidence, and tips you will gain from this course will have you ready to book. 



Instructed by Carnetta Jones
This is a mandatory introductory course to new APLA Members and Non-Members.  
Upcoming Session:
Every Tuesday night
January 7th - January 28th
$235 per person
Email admin@actorsplay.com to register