Fundamentals of Acting 

This course introduces you to the techniques and processes essential to the actor’s craft. Whether you have acted before or are exploring acting for the first time, this course expands on your expressive capabilities, hones your imagination, and enhances your spontaneity as you acquire the tools for developing a character and a basic narrative. In this class, we engage in physical and vocal exercises, improvisation, and scene work. You will also learn marketing tools necessary to get booked.




  • Develop techniques to warm up and keep your instrument tuned and your mind buoyed, both grounded and free.

  • Demonstrate the ability to function effectively as part of a collaborative process.

  • Analyze a dramatic text based on an understanding of given circumstances and objectives.

  • Develop marketing materials that are necessary to get in front of casting directors, managers, agents, etc.

  • Deepen your appreciation of the actor’s craft and the art of drama.




After completing this course, students should understand and be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Voice and speech work that incorporates clarity of thought and a basic awareness of breath and operative words.

  • Basic memorization skills.

  • Dramatic performance based on text analysis, the pursuit of objectives, responsiveness to a scene partner and changes in tactics and beats.

  • The specific tools required to market themselves to stakeholders.

  • An appreciation of the acting process and the work of actors and other members of the ensemble.




  • An internet connection (cellular, cable, WiFi, etc.).

  • A laptop, desktop, smart phone or tablet with an operational camera able to run Zoom (meeting link info sent in the body of your welcome email).

  • A video and audio recording device (if different from the equipment used to Zoom).

  • A tripod or other stabilization equipment.

  • A light-colored, solid backdrop.

  • Lighting (which does not cast harsh shadows).


All Courses are nonrefundable. Credit will be applied within 30 days of cancellation to the next available course




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Instructed by Nyree Neil