Self-Care for Actors

(Beyond the Booking)

This essential course invites you to slow down, gently remove the mask, examine your thoughts and beliefs, and give your inner child the necessary love an attention it deserves! Whether you're "booked and busy" or not working at all, this course will help strengthen your relationship with yourself and provide the tools to help you live a more fulfilling and authentic life. Each week, you will focus on a particular theme.

After completing this 4-week course, students should understand and be able to demonstrate the following:

  • An increased level of personal awareness and self-advocacy.

  • An individualized Self Care Practice.

  • An understanding of Mindfulness and the benefits of Meditation.

  • Listening to and trusting your body.

  • Navigating negative emotions through creative outlets.

  • Presenting a new "Script".




  • An internet connection (cellular, cable, WiFi, etc.).

  • A laptop, desktop, smart phone or tablet with an operational camera able to run Zoom (meeting link info sent in the body of your welcome email).

  • A video and audio recording device (if different from the equipment used to Zoom).

  • A tripod or other stabilization equipment.

  • A light-colored, solid backdrop.

  • Lighting (which does not cast harsh shadows).

  • A journal with a writing instrument (pen, marker, etc.).

  • Water.

  • A comfortable location.

* This class will require you to be fully present. In order to maintain a safe and inviting space, participants will be sent rules of engagement and a questionnaire before the first class.


All Courses are nonrefundable. Credit will be applied within 30 days of cancellation to the next available course




Instructed by Ashley Wilkerson
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